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Our myth busting and information campaign: #nowyouknow

This page contains the myth busters and information snippets that we have published on social media to tackle misinformation about reproduction in Malta, and help increase public knowledge and awareness.

Click the infographics below for more information.

What is a D&C? Are rape victims really cleaned out if the go to hospital? Is the MAP available at Mater Dei Hospital? #nowyouknow
The morning after pill MAP works only by preventing ovulation and fertilisation. In Malta it is the only means for rape victims to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. #nowyouknow
Malta's legislation forces pregnant children to carry and deliver a pregnancy that poses high risks to their health and life. #nowyouknow
mental health.jpg
Abortion does not cause breast cancer
The lack of abortion access is detremental to the health and life of women, girls, and people in Malta. Maternal mortality. #nowyouknow
It is not illegal for doctors in Malta to give information about overseas abortion and refer patients to Abortion Support Network. #nowyouknow
Safe medical and surgical abortions do not affect your fertility in the future. #nowyouknow
Contraception is crucial but it does not replace the need for abortion access
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