Articles on Abortion Surveys in Malta

Abortion surveys…and what they suggest about the future of abortion in Malta

29 February, 2020 - Voice for Choice Blog. Read:


Malta’s medical doctors: No to total ban on abortion

20 February, 2020 - Malta Today. Read:


Sondaġġ xjentifiku | 85% tal-Maltin kontra l-abort

3 February, 2020 - Illum. Read:


Maltese doctors do not agree with total ban on abortion, survey finds

20 November, 2019 - Malta Today. Read:


Abortion and methods of reproductive planning: the views of Malta’s medical doctor cohort

November, 2019 - Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters (SRHM). Read:


Malta Today Survey | No change in Malta’s anti-abortion attitudes

15 July, 2019 - Malta Today. Read:


Despite national taboo, over 40% of University of Malta students back abortion legalization

25 March, 2019 - Lovin Malta. Read:


Majority of university students oppose abortion, study indicates

25 March, 2019 - Times of Malta. Read:


Majority of university students against legalization of abortion - survey

25 March, 2019 - The Independent. Read:


University of Malta Student Survey Report – Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU)

March 2019 - KSU. Read:


Updated | Malta Today Survey: Abortion remains a no-go area for Maltese

4 February, 2018 - Malta Today. Read:

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