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Noteworthy Publications Prior to Doctors for Choice Malta's Launch

On abortion in the context of Malta: A medical doctor’s perspective

3 April, 2019 - Isles of the Left. Read:


Not illegal for women to seek abortions outside of Malta - Giovanni Bonello

11 March, 2019 - The Malta Independent. Read:


On abortion: Women’s solidarity through personal narratives

7 March, 2019 - Isles of the Left. Read:


The right to impart and receive information on abortion

1 March, 2019 - Malta Today. Read:


Malta’s pro-lifers part of European extremists that want to roll back sexual and reproductive rights
30 December, 2018 - Malta Today. Read:


Abortions carried out in certain circumstances in Malta

16 December, 2018 - Independent. Read:


Abortion and relatedness: Breaking the silence

20 November, 2018 - Isles of the Left. Read:


‘The stigma of abortion traumatised me as much as the procedure itself’

3 October, 2018 - Isles of the Left. Read:


Women should have access to abortion in at least four circumstances - paper says

10 March, 2018 - Times of Malta. Read:


We spoke to 37 Maltese people who had an abortion and their views are eye-opening

1 March, 2018 - Lovin Malta. Read:


Students ‘have right to be fully informed on controversial issues’ - Prof. Kenneth Wain

6 February, 2017 - The independent. Read:

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