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Abortion Doula Support Service

Abortion Doula Malta

It is important that women who use abortion pills at home have access to information and medical care if needed. This is according to guidance by the World Health Organisation. Regardless of the legal status of abortion, we know at least one woman in Malta each day carries out her own abortion at home with pills.

The Abortion Doula Support Service is a telephone information service by pro-choice doctors* who are able to provide information before, during, or after an abortion with pills. For legal reasons, they are unable to provide abortion pills.

You can reach them by calling +356 20341683 or +356 27782758. If they are unable to answer, please leave a voice message with your number and they will call you back.

* The two doctors providing this service are Prof Isabel Stabile and Dr Natalie Psaila.

Curiosity: What is an abortion doula?

The word "doula" originates from Ancient Greek and it means "a woman who serves." In the modern context, an abortion doula is someone trained to provide information, help, and support to people going through the process of abortion.

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