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My Body's Fantastic Journey by Dr Natalie Psaila

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My Body's Fantastic Journey is a sexual education book for children by Dr Natalie Psaila. It discusses puberty, biology, consent, sexualities, contraception and more, in an easy-to-read font and accessible language. It is available in both English and Maltese.

This book is free to use by the general public, including parents and teachers. Donations to Doctors for Choice for using this book are welcome, and will help us produce more educational material in the future.

To request a hard copy please contact Dr Natalie Psaila by email.

To download a digital copy of the book, please use the following links:

Download the PDF in English

Niżżel il-PDF bil-Malti

About the Author


Natalie Psaila MD, MMCFD, MRCGP (Int) has two young children and is a medical doctor specialised in Family Medicine. She takes a keen interest in promoting reproductive health and is an activist for women’s rights. Natalie is closely involved in the training of Malta’s future family doctors.

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