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Pregnancy Crisis Services in Malta

If you are seeking an abortion, stay away from "pregnancy crisis services" by anti-choice groups.

Although it may sound like a well intentioned service - helping women who have financial or social problems, or are struggling with an unwanted pregnancy or an unplanned pregnancy - a number of "pregnancy crisis" and "pregnancy support" services in Malta are run by anti-choice groups with the intention of stopping women from having abortions. Here are a few examples:

Life Line Malta, a helpline claiming to offer "pregnancy crisis support" is an initiative of the anti-choice organisation LifeNetwork foundation, and its website contains a number of false claims on abortion and contraception. The shelter Dar Tgħanniqa t'Omm (Mother's Embrace Home) is also administered by this organisation. It is also a known fact that Life Network is affiliated with Agenda Europe (it says so on their website). Agenda Europe is an extremist political network that aims to roll back human rights and equality protections across Europe. They are against LGBTIQ+ rights and protections, as well as against contraception, the choice of abortion, and reproductive technologies like IVF.

Life Line Malta's website also has clear links with the American anti-choice organisation Heartbeat International and its service Option Line. Heartbeat International is described on Wikipedia as "an international Christian association that supports crisis pregnancy centers (CPC). It does not offer, recommend, or refer for abortions. Heartbeat International teaches its affiliated members to make their advertising look as though they are full-service clinics that provide referrals for birth control or abortion. Staff are also trained on how to discourage pregnant women from accessing abortion, and how to discourage young women from using emergency contraception, birth control pills, or IUDs."

HOPE pregnancy crisis support service is administered by the anti-choice organisation Gift of Life Malta.


The aim of 'pregnancy crisis services' run by anti-choice organisations is to prevent abortions, and there have been reports of women being intimidated after contacting certain services in Malta to prevent them from getting abortions. Vulnerable women contacting such services may not be fully aware of their true intentions and agenda, and may think that they will receive unbiased information on all pregnancy options including on how to get an abortion. This is certainly not the case.


We want to make it clear that as an organisation we recommend that the public and especially vulnerable pregnant women stay away from such "pregnancy crisis services." The reason behind this recommendation is that we believe women should be empowered to make their own decisions about their pregnancy by being provided with unbiased and factual information. Anti-choice groups will not give factual information on abortion.


If you would like to explore options in pregnancy, including the option of abortion, you should seek advice from pro-choice services like FPAS Malta and  Abortion Support Network. For material support, you can contact the Women for Women Foundation.

To read more about how you can get psychological, financial, or social help during pregnancy read this article by FPAS Malta by clicking here.