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Our Campaign

Below you will find links to pages with information about our campaign.

The four aims of Doctors for Choice Malta are to campaign for comprehensive sexuality education, accessible and affordable contraception, the decriminalisation of abortion, and the provision of safe and legal abortion services in Malta.

Myth Busters and Information

This page contains a collection of myth busters and information snippets that we have published on social media as part of our efforts to increase public knowledge about reproduction in Malta.

Myth busters and information

Decriminalisation of Abortion

Abortion should not be considered a criminal act, especially for the woman involved. Having an abortion should not result in facing prison and fines. Abortion should be regulated like any other medical and surgical procedure.

Decriminalise abortion in Malta


Being sex-positive means considering consensual sex in all its forms to be positive and healthy, and being in favour of comprehensive sexual education, the use of modern contraceptives, and the availability of safe, legal abortion.

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Campaign Gallery

A collection of pictures from our campaign. Please feel free to adapt and share them!

Campaign Gallery

Abortion Stories

Storytelling is powerful, and it helps overcome abortion stigma. Break The Taboo Malta is an initiative that collects and publishes anonymously abortion stories and experiences from Malta. Check out their website by clicking the link below.

Abortion Stories
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