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Medical Information on Abortion in Malta


Medical doctors and other healthcare professionals in Malta can give information about overseas abortion and refer patients to Abortion Support Network without any fear of legal repercussions.


Not only is this LEGAL, but it is also ETHICAL to explain all the options to patients who may opt for an abortion, and help them make a truly informed decision.


Even if a doctor does not agree with abortion, it is unethical not to refer patients requesting abortion to other healthcare professionals or organisations that can help them. The patients’ views must always be respected.


Providing information about abortion to patients has been backed by the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice.


There is nothing in the Maltese Criminal Code that prohibits having an abortion overseas.


The European Court of Human Rights has also ruled that it would be illegal for a state to prohibit people from giving information about abortion, or from making arrangements for women to travel overseas for an abortion, even if abortion is illegal in that state.

If you live in Malta and are looking for information on how to travel for an abortion, click here.

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