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Even with Contraception, Abortion is an Essential Service

Good access to contraception is crucial but does replace the need for abortion

People who do not wish to get pregnant are advised to prevent this by using the most appropriate contraception for them. (Consult with your doctor if you need help choosing a contraceptive, and read more about contraceptives available in Malta here). Doctors for Choice Malta is advocating to ensure patients are fully informed about their contraceptive options and for them to get the ongoing contraceptive care they need.

However, abortion access is necessary despite the availability and use of the most effective methods of contraception.

* Even the most effective contraceptives can fail - BPAS data (UK) shows that 1 in 4 women having an abortion were using what are considered to be the most effective forms of contraception and over 50% were using at least one form of contraception when they got pregnant ( Similarly over 50% of US abortion patients report using contraception in the month they became pregnant (

* Rape victims who are not on a contraceptive can get pregnant - this includes women in abusive relationships/marriage and raped children.

Good access to contraception is crucial but it does not replace the need for safe abortion access!

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