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Listen to how the Abortion Doula Support Service helps women in Malta

For the occasion of International Safe Abortion Day 2023, we are releasing a recording of a typical call received on the Abortion Doula Support Service, a free service provided for free by pro-choice doctors.

The Abortion Doula Support Service provides free medical advice to anyone in Malta before, during, or after an abortion. This includes those undertaking an abortion with pills at home outside the parameters of the law. This service aims to keep women safe by ensuring they are able to spot any complications, and guides them to seek help if appropriate.

The number of women who have an abortion with pills in Malta is estimated to be around 400 year, with the number growing every year. Abortion remains highly restricted in Malta, being only legally available when a woman's life is at risk. This means many women are forced to do their own abortion, and the state is endangering women's health and lives by keeping most abortions illegal.

The Abortion Doula Support Service is run by Prof Isabel Stabile and Dr Natalie Psaila, who can be contacted by phone on (+356) 2034 1683. You can listen to the recording below.


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