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Anti-Abortion "LifeLine" trying to trick people in Malta seeking abortion

The service "Life Line Malta," run by the anti-abortion and anti-civil rights organisation Life Network Foundation, is trying to mislead women in Malta seeking an abortion. The service is strongly anti-abortion and is known to resort to misinformation about abortion in an attempt to stop women from accessing it. It also resorts to similar tactics with morning-after pills.

A Google search in Malta for "get an abortion" and related terms reveals that an ad for Life Line Malta is usually the first one that comes up, indicating that someone is paying significant amounts of money for these ads.

Among other things, the ad claims that LifeLine Malta offers "confidential abortion help." This is a clear attempt by this organisation to trick women seeking an abortion in Malta into clicking on the ad, even if they are not considering other options. LifeLine Malta does not offer any abortion help of any sort. It does not even refer to proper abortion providers.

A closer look at ad transparency information provided by Google shows that the advertiser behind this ad is an entity called Marketlink Ltd., which means this business is actively aiding LifeLine in misleading the Maltese public.

We once again remind everyone that if you need information on how to access abortion, you should speak to a pro-choice organisation such as ourselves or our Family Planning Advisory Service. Pro-choice organisations do not attempt to stop or mislead women seeking abortions, and we provide true information on the abortion process and how to get a safe abortion.


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