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Artikli satiriċi dwar id-dibattitu fuq l-abort

Dawn l-artikli ħafna drabi jkun fihom aktar verità minn artikli f’taqsimiet oħra.

‘What about me? I’m life too!’ sperm cell tells Maltese anti-choice activists

21 December, 2022 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:

REVEALED: Jason Azzopardi secretly working for pro-choice movement

1 December, 2022 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:

‘I don’t want to be born, actually,’ says Maltese foetus

1 October, 2022 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:

I don’t actually do anything, President reassures Repubblika

4 August, 2021 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:

Ivan Grech Mintoff declares himself pro-choice when it comes to paying libel damages

21 June, 2021 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:

Undead man wishes Maltese people cared about him as much as they do about the unborn

26 May, 2021 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:


Pro-life Maltese man throws bag of kittens into the sea

20 May, 2021 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:


TVM viewers left feeling confused and angry by relatively civil, mature discussion show

15 October, 2020 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:


Maltese woman charged with witchcraft

25 September, 2020 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:


Abortion Beef Is Brewing And Malta’s Doctors Are Stirring The Pot

14 September, 2020 - Lovin Malta. Read:


Arguing with pro-lifers worse than being aborted, study shows

11 September, 2020 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:


Maltese pro-lifer sure does wish death on a lot of people

3 September, 2020 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:


Abortion Stick placed back in cabinet

1 September, 2020 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:


Village idiots distance themselves from Jean Claude Micallef

21 July, 2020 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:


Pineapple does not belong on pizza, says Therese Comodini Cachia

10 July, 2020 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:


It’s pretty sweet here in Heaven, aborted Maltese foetus tells Jean Claude Micallef

15 June, 2020 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:

Gift of Life calls on government to protect the rights of the coronavirus

20 March, 2020 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:


Stennieni l-Qorti: How a satirical page managed to get an official apology from Malta’s most prominent anti-abortion group

4 February, 2020 - Lovin Malta. Read:


Pro-lifers overtake racists as most hateful group in Malta

3 February, 2020 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:


I will never get an abortion, declares George Vella

28 January, 2020 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:

These 11 Maltese Pro-Choice TikToks Will Make You Laugh, Cry And Want To Mobilise

15 August, 2019 - Lovin Malta. Read:

President George Vella to have Doctors for Life ad projected onto face

2 July, 2019 - Bis-Serjetà. Read:

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