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The anti-choice organisation behind Life Line Malta's website

Life Line Malta, a "pregnancy crisis service" in Malta run by LifeNetwork foundation, features an online chat that is run by Option Line in the United States. In other words, Life Line Malta's website is encouraging women in Malta to make contact with Option Line. The website states that Option Line is "independent of Life Line Malta." If this were the case, Option Line's live chat service would not be on Life Line's website!

Screenshot from Life Line's website taken on 07.07.2020.

So who is behind Option Line? It's Heartbeat International.

And what is Heartbeat International? Here's their description on Wikipedia:

"Heartbeat International is an international Christian association that supports crisis pregnancy centers (CPC). It does not offer, recommend, or refer for abortions. Heartbeat International teaches its affiliated members to make their advertising look as though they are full-service clinics that provide referrals for birth control or abortion. Staff are also trained on how to discourage pregnant women from accessing abortion, and how to discourage young women from using emergency contraception, birth control pills, or IUDs. Heartbeat staff are also encouraged to create two websites, one that has an explicitly Christian message, and one that looks like Planned Parenthood. Many pregnancy centers have the ultimate goal of converting women through a born-again experience to "save the mother, save the baby."

Life Line's website uses Option Line's logo as its icon

Once again, we advise all people in Malta to avoid such anti-choice services. Women who would like to discuss all pregnancy options should contact pro-choice organisations like Abortion Support Network.


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