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Thank You!

Members of the Voice for Choice Malta coalition

We would like to thank everyone who helped in the organisation and attended our events over the last weekend.

Our stand at Science and the City generated a lot of interest, and we are very encouraged to see such intrigue and engagement, especially from younger Maltese people. Many people were simply not aware of the reality of Malta's total ban on abortion. It was clear that there is very much a need for a discussion on reproductive rights in Malta, and we are here to educate and engage.

Public at the Doctors for Choice Science in the City Stand

Malta's first rally for choice was also a great success. We thank all members of the Voice for Choice Coalition for their hard work in organising the event. It sent a powerful message to the country that the debate on abortion has arrived, and the taboo is being shattered once and for all. We will no longer accept the status quo where Maltese women who need and have abortions suffer in silence.

Malta's first pro-choice rally on international safe abortion day

These were just the beginning of much more to come. It has been less than a year since Voice for Choice and Doctors for Choice were formed. We look forward to many more years of pro-choice activism!


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