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Simon Debono and his dangerous "abortion reversal"

Anti-choice activists like to push the narrative that every woman who has an abortion will regret it, despite studies showing that over 95% of those who have an abortion believe it was the right choice. Their latest endeavour to push this narrative is the promotion of so-called "abortion reversal" treatment.

So what is "abortion reversal" treatment? First, one needs to explain how abortion pills work. The first abortion pill - Mifepristone - works by blocking the pregnancy hormone progesterone and prepares the body for a miscarriage. The second abortion pill - Misoprostol - causes the uterus to contract and push the pregnancy out. Promoters of "abortion reversal" claim that the effects of Mifepristone could be reversed by taking more progestogen hormones. In Simon Debono's case, he is promoting the use of Cyclogest pessaries as a progestogen medication. This has never been proven to work.

Simon Debono promoting "abortion reversal" on his Facebook group "Pro-life Malta"

Studies that tried to look at what happens if one were to take progestogen hormones after Mifepristone have had to be discontinued because some women experienced dangerous haemorrhages. This means "abortion reversal" is not just unproven, but also potentially fatal. Just like any other medication, Cyclogest can have serious side effects and should not be given outside of its established indications.

What makes matters worse is that the individual pushing "abortion reversal" treatment is not a healthcare professional in any form. Simon Debono's business interests have to do with real estate, and he is involved with Homeowner's Association and Simon Estates.

Simon Debono's facebook profile picture. The glitter was not added by us.

In any other country, people like Simon Debono would be facing justice for promoting unlicenced and potentially dangerous medical treatments without having any qualification in healthcare. But not in Malta. Because abortion is illegal here, it is accepted that this area of healthcare is unregulated and a free-for-all, and anti-choice individuals get away with promoting dangerous treatments that could cost a woman her life.


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