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Updated: Jul 9, 2019

In case you missed them, here are some highlights of our work during the first two months. We've been quite busy!

🇲🇹 indicates the article/video is in Maltese.

On the 2nd May we launched Doctors for Choice to advocate for reproductive healthcare in Malta. Here is how it was reported by the Times of Malta: http://bit.ly/32882MH

Dr. Alexander Clayman spoke to MaltaToday to explain the purpose of Doctors for Choice; "We decided to come together as a group, to create a shared list of values, that we can all support.” http://bit.ly/2LBuJCX

Dr. Clayman also spoke to LovinMalta on why abortion laws in Malta need to change: "Do You Actually Want To Send Young Maltese Women To Prison For Getting Abortions?" http://bit.ly/2Xnctzo

Dr. Matthew Drake and Dr. Clayman spoke to the Independent about the aims of Doctors for Choice; "To have a healthy society, full stop." http://bit.ly/2YzHPEE

The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said Malta should discuss abortion: http://bit.ly/308d0qG

Doctors for Choice was featured on the BBC, as part of a feature on Malta's law which bans abortion in all circumstances: http://bit.ly/2FN4QfC

On 19th May, Doctors for Choice welcomed its 50th member, therefore doubling in numbers since launch. http://bit.ly/328LhYY

A number of our members spoke to POLITICO Europe as part of a feature on the abortion debate in Malta: https://politi.co/2FNcRkY

Dr. Drake spoke to MaltaToday about why abortion is a medical, not a political issue. "We see a great need for termination of pregnancy services in Malta." http://bit.ly/2FM0W6H

Dr. Gilbert Gravino wrote an extensive article "On Abortion in the Context of Malta" in Isles of the Left Magazine: http://bit.ly/2JmcT47

Dr. Drake gave two television interviews on TVAM; one about abortion http://bit.ly/2G1EiYv 🇲🇹 and one about the Morning After Pill http://bit.ly/2RRRZhm 🇲🇹

Dr Natalie Psalia spoke to newspaper l-Orizzont about how when women are forced to give birth, they are not treated any better than incubators. http://bit.ly/2xBHGol 🇲🇹

Doctors for Choice are featured in the University of Malta's THINK magazine. "Voices for Freedom and Choice" by Dr. Clayman: http://bit.ly/2NtQY0j

Dr Christopher Barbara spoke to newspaper l-Orizzont on how abortion is a relatively safe procedure that in most cases causes no physical or mental harm to the woman. This interview was also featured on inewsmalta.com. http://bit.ly/2KVK0iC 🇲🇹

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