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International Safe Abortion Day

Most people in Malta may not be aware of this, but September 28th is international safe abortion day. It is an important event that highlights the importance of decriminalisation and legalisation of abortion. Making abortion illegal does not stop abortion, it only makes it less safe for women. We know for a fact that hundreds of women in Malta travel each year to access abortion abroad, and others order abortion pills on their own and take them in secret.

We do not believe this is right. Abortion care is healthcare, and abortion services should be provided as part of any healthcare system, including Malta's.

That is why Doctors for Choice will be marching with the wider Maltese pro-choice coalition Voice for Choice on 28 September at 14:00 (2pm) in Valletta. We are proud to be forming part of Malta's first ever pro-choice rally! Join us and help us shape the future of Malta's reproductive rights!


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