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Hush: The Documentary - more anti-abortion pseudoscience

It would appear that LifeNetwork Foundation - an anti-abortion organisation in Malta that is associated with the likes of Agenda Europe and Heartbeat International - has a feature for this year's Women's Day: yet another anti-abortion pseudoscience production by the name of Hush: The Documentary.

Hush has all the hallmarks of an anti-abortion production: It is deceptive, it misrepresents medical knowledge, and gives a very skewed view of the risks associated with abortion. The film's director, Punam Gill, as well as its producer, Joses Martin, claim to know "the truth" about the medical consequences of abortion despite their own admission that they are not scientists.

The film claims that for decades, medical and public health authorities around the world have hidden the negative effects of abortion from the general public. The film makers claim to have made "extensive research" into the health effects of abortion - which was basically cherry picking 21 citations. This is not how a serious appraisal of scientific evidence is conducted.

The credentials of many abortion opponents in the film are suspect. One holds a “Ph.D.” from a now-defunct unaccredited school in Hawaii that required no coursework. Another is a private practitioner with no research training, and some have no medical qualifications at all but are religious activists against abortion. The publications of another have been discredited by the research community, and another one heads the Population Research Institute, which works to oppose contraception and vaccines.

The documentary claims to expose a secretly recorded conversation from a "Seattle abortion clinic" which does not actually exist. It also claims to show the testimonies of six women who have had abortions and are experiencing problems, while ignoring the experiences of the vast majority of women that experience no problems after having an abortion.

Abortion has been conducted around the world for decades and the medical experience and evidence is conclusive: Abortion is a very safe procedure. Women who are seeking abortion should be given unbiased information and data on possible complications after an abortion, and must not be influenced with fake data and pseudoscience. The fact that LifeNetwork seem to have decided to promote this propaganda for Women's Day suggests that their true agenda is deceiving women to suit their anti-abortion aims.


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