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I am Justyna: Our full solidarity with the pro-choice activist facing charges in Poland

Justyna Wydrzyńska is a pro-choice activist and a member of Abortion Dream Team.

We know how it works. First they make abortion illegal, then pregnant people who need an abortion for any reason are driven to desperation. These people approach pro-choice activists for help getting an abortion, and this opens up both the activists and the pregnant person to legal trouble.

To make matters worse, anti-choice individuals often encourage the state to prosecute pro-choice activists. Locally, we have had two police reports so far - one from Partit ABBA, and another from Life Network Foundation. No legal action resulted from either of these reports.

Now, back to the story of Justyna. It started when a woman in Poland named Anita got pregnant and wanted to terminate her pregnancy. Anita was in an abusive relationship at the time. Her partner stopped her from travelling to Germany, where abortion is legal. She ordered abortion pills from Women Help Women, but there was no telling how long they would take to arrive.

Increasingly under pressure, Anita contacted Justyna for help. Justyna allegedly helped Anita terminate her pregnancy. Anita's abusive partner found out, and reported them to the police. Justyna now faces up to three years in prison, and the trial is still ongoing.

As fellow pro-choice activists in Europe, we hope Justyna's charges are dismissed and we stand in full solidary with pro-choice activists in Poland where abortion is severely restricted. Bans on abortion are contrary to the European values of personal autonomy and equality, and have no place anywhere in Europe.

So you also want to show support? Here's how:

  • Speak loud. Use your social media to bring attention to the matter. You can let everyone know that you too would act like Justyna! Use #IAmJustyna or tag the Instagram @aborcyjnydream.

  • Go to the Amnesty International website and sign the petition demanding that the charges brought against Justyna for supporting access to safe abortion be dropped!

  • Support this abortion fund, so that they can keep providing abortions to anyone that needs one!

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