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Pro-Choice Demonstration with Women on Waves in Valletta 11.07.2021

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

This morning we took part in a socially distanced demonstration in front of parliament with Women on Waves, Women on Web, Young Progressive Beings, and Students for Choice. What was it all about? It was about the struggle women and girls who seek abortion in Malta go through, and the injustice they face.

During this demonstration a young woman, representing women in Malta seeking an abortion, tried to seek help from two medical professionals, only to be turned away and be told their hands were tied - then they literally tied their hands!

Thankfully, the third medical professional, representing our Family Planning Advisory Service, was able to give her factual information on abortion and point her towards safe telemedicine abortion services. Then to her rescue, an abortion pill pack was delivered remotely by Dr Rebecca Gomperts using a robot (representing online telemedicine services such as Women on Web) and she was able to manage her own abortion, albeit on her own and not under supervision of Maltese doctors.

This is the reality women and girls in Malta face, and it falls short of the healthcare service a country like Malta should provide. It is an injustice that woman cannot access abortion care in their own country, and have to travel to clinics abroad. We want this to change!

We thank Women on Web ( and Dr Rebecca Gomperts for helping keep women and girls in Malta safe through their telemedicine services.

Those who need information or counselling on abortion can contact the Family Planning Advisory Service on 27780037 or via chat at

You can watch the play here:


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