Our Founders

Doctors for Choice (Malta) was publicly launched on 2nd May 2019. In our early days, we were a group of around 25 doctors and four of us handled the initial management of its social media accounts and press contacts:

Dr Gilbert Gravino

Dr Gilbert Gravino

"I studied at the University of Malta, obtaining a bachelor of science degree in 2010 and my medical degree in 2015. Currently, I am undertaking clinical radiology specialist training in the UK. In my spare time, I enjoy clay work, hiking, cycling and sporadic attempts at dinghy sailing.

I deem public health a priority in order to protect and improve our nation’s health and to address inequalities - reproductive health care in Malta needs to improve to meet the highest international medical standards which include access to safe abortion."

Dr Natalie Psaila

Dr Natalie Psaila

"I graduated from the University of Malta as a medical doctor in 2007. I obtained my MRCGP(Int) and MMCFD certificates in 2013 to become a specialist in Family Medicine. When I'm not working, you'll find me playing with my daughters, reading a book or writing.

I believe that Malta is trailing behind more developed countries when it comes to sexual health education and reproductive healthcare. I also hold women's rights close to heart."

Dr Christopher Barbara

Dr Christopher Barbara

"I graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Malta in 2012 and I am currently completing higher specialist training in general psychiatry and older adult psychiatry in the UK. I am also a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Outside of work, you'll find me taking walks along the coast or planning my next trip abroad.

I believe that women in Malta should not be treated as medical exceptions because of outdated moral views, and that Malta should recognise the need for safe and legal abortion services like other countries. I believe having the choice of abortion helps certain women in difficult situations maintain good mental health. And, as we all know, there is no health without mental health."

Dr Alexander Clayman

Dr Alexander Clayman

"I graduated as a doctor in 2017 and am currently studying for a Master's in Public Health (at the University of Malta) whilst working in Mater Dei's emergency department. I've got an interest in public health, mental health and vintage motorcycles and am always up for a discussion."

Since then, Doctors for Choice (Malta) has changed considerably, and on 31st October 2019 it became a registered NGO with a different group of board members.